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Elite 3 Mailer Design


Dhwani Mailer Design

Final Poster

1st Draft

The first image is the final version which got selected while the second image is the first draft which I sent to Dhwani team. Dhwani is the singing competition of 'Mridang'.
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Mridang Logo

This was a logo I made for Mridang, the cultural festival of IIM Indore. Since they already had decided upon the logo, this logo was not chosen. Anyways, this was my first work with floral patterns. I liked the gradient in this logo.
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Ahvan Poster

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Countdown Posters for "The Great Indian Sojourn"

One of my best works, especially the first one. :)
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Anvesh Poster Design (First Draft)


Anvesh Logo (A Mridang Event)

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Anvesh Website Background

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I-Rising Countdown

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Entrepid, Registration Poster


Against Corruption

I guess the poster is Self Explanatory. Corruption is a bane to the society, this we all know. But what are we doing to stop it? Even after Anna Hazare's great "India Against Corruption" movement, how many of us have actually stopped bribing.
As Mahatma Gandhi has said, "Be the change you want to see in the world", we should do our part in eradicating corruption from society by not indulging into corrupt practices. I find that bribery is the most common and prevalent form of corruption existing at every level of the society. Just for your knowledge, Construction is rated as the most corrupt industry in India. But its just a glimpse of the whole scenario. In the era of liberalization and particularly in the reign of UPA government, many scams have come up and more are expected to surface if there aren't any tight regulation and laws against corruption. Anna Hazare movement has proved to be successful in raising the issue and in gaining a national momentum against corruption however, I seriously doubt the future implications the movement. It's because people in India have a tendency to forget. Media boom has caused a sensation in information transfer but in order to raise their TRP's, news channels project each and every news as the "BREAKING NEWS". So what I guess is that the general population is unable is distinguish between what's relevant and what's not. My suggestion to TV news channels: Guys, Stop this menace of Breaking News and give something substantial.
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Bizzinesia Poster

Another poster for I-Rising. This is for Bizzinesia, the Business Quiz event of I-Rising. A typical typography style.
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Entrepid New Design

It seems that the Entrepid Team Coordinator was not very happy with my previous design. So they made some changes which made it look worse. They changed the color combination from green to blue and went with their previous logo. So, the whole theme of the poster got spoiled. After uploading it on their Facebook page, apparently they got some bad reviews. So, I had to create another poster keeping in mind the blue color theme of Entrepid. I guess this poster looks good. The man in the shadow is taken from a google search. But, the design is solely my creation. I guess the blue color combination makes makes this poster look bold. And the Yin and Yang thing increases the severity & weight of this poster. Overall, looks good to me.
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Arena Poster

This is the poster I made for Arena, the gaming club of IIM Indore. The poster is similar in concept to what I used in I-Rising (The Great Indian Sojourn) psoter. However, color combination is less bright as the colors in game posters are more likely to be darker. I focused on maintaining a constant gradient background. The title Arena was written in "Dark11" font with clipping mask on a fiery background. Also, I used pillow emboss and drop shadow to give additional effects. Hope you like it.
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Chanakya Logo

This is the logo I made for Chanakya, the consulting event of Ahvan. Chanakya is also one of the flagship events of Ahvan. Though this logo was not put in use because they had already decided to go with their previous logo which was also quite decent.

Entrepid Poster Design

This is the poster design I made for Entrepid, another event in Ahvan, the management festival of IIMI. The most peculiar thing I liked about this poster is that the gradient I have used in words which seems to be glowing at certain angles.


Entrepid Logo

This is the logo design I made for Entrepid, another event in Ahvan'11, the management festival of IIM Indore. The design represents a kind synergy between various forces of nature as per my interpretation. Your perception may be different.

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T-Shirt for 2011-13 batch

This is the entry I sent for Impressions, the T-Shirt designing competition organized by Pi-Shop. IIM Indore is recognised by many name, most popular ones being "Planet I" and "The Hillock that never Sleeps". I thought Planet I would be more cool to use for T-Shirt design. Though I didn't win the competition perhaps because the result was to be decided through a Facebook poll and I submitted my entry(25th entry) just 1 day before the deadline for poll. But even though I managed to get 40+ likes in 1 day which I consider to be fairly decent.

The Great Indian Sojourn Poster

This is a poster I created for "The Great Indian Sojourn" India Quiz for I-Rising. As per my friend JJ, this poster looks as if made by some professional. I guess it's a good sign for me. : )

I-Rising logo

This is the logo I made for I-Rising, one of the events of Ahvan, the Management festival of IIM Indore. I-Rising has two sub parts. One is the Business quiz - Bizzinesia which is a live event and the other one is "The Great Indian Sojourn" which is an online quiz based on India.



My Emblem. I am die hard fan of Star Wars and Yoda is my favorite character. Reason: Yoda is small, looks weak but he is the opposite!!! So that's why I took this nick "Yoda".

Day 1

Hi Everyone...
I am starting this blog to show off my designing prowess which btw is not particularly great. But I will try to improve it in due course. You will be my critics & partners. I hope to see some critical feedback on my designs... : )
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