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Equit-I Logo

Equit-I is the finance club of IIM Indore. I recently designed this logo for my close friend Dinu, who is also a member of Equit-I. I feel that currently there are too many student clubs in IIM Indore, more than what is required. We often confuse between the names of these clubs, for example equit-i, currenc-i and voyage capital, all of them sounds like the some sort of finance club.

I chose the same color combination as the one I used for 'Beat the Market' logo. Golden on green just looks really amazing. 
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Pamphlet design, Ahvan, 1st Draft

Rejected on grounds of being overly flashy. Story of my life :(

Logo Design for 'Beat The Market', an Ahvan event

Beat the Market is new Fin event going to be launched in this years edition of Ahvan. What I know about this event is that its something related to stock trading. That's why I put this wall street golden bull running and trying to hit a wall symbolized by the character B. I designed this logo while I was working on the pitch presentation for sponsorship team in mid May. I hope the event would be successful. My best wishes to Voyage Capital team. 

Poster for July'12 Issue of Management Canvas


Best of Management Canvas


Final Cover for Best of Management Canvas Annual Issue

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